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What is Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a process that aims at lightening your teeth. This process eliminates discoloration and stains from your teeth. Mostly, this process targets stains that are situated underneath your teeth’s external surfaces.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening


Improve Oral Health

Stained and discolored teeth can cause deterioration, particularly in the long term. Poor mouth health increases the odds of developing cavities, gingivitis, and tooth decay. These oral health issues will cost you more money in the future. Therefore, teeth whitening eliminates bacteria in your mouth, thus lowering your chances of developing severe tooth issues.

Boosts Self-Esteem

White teeth play a significant role in improving your self-esteem and confidence, especially in a social setting. Having a great feeling about yourself will help you socialize freely with other people. You'll have the courage to support your opinions with enough confidence.

Improves your Hygiene

People can judge your personal hygiene based on stained or discolored teeth. Flossing and brushing can only remove food particles and other contaminants on the teeth. Therefore, you should opt for teeth whitening to improve your overall health and hygiene.

Attain a Bright Smile

Smiling plays a significant role in improving your first impression. Most people don't smile because their teeth are damaged, discolored, and stained. There are occasions whereby smiling can increase your chances of becoming successful in life. For instance, a bright smile can increase your odds of being the best applicant in an interview.

Boosts Mental Health

White teeth can boost your mental health. For instance, if you have a dazzling smile, your brain will think positively. You'll, therefore, appreciate your physical appearance. Based on science, most people develop mental health issues because they think ill about their appearance. According to research, there's a correlation between oral health and your overall wellbeing.

Speedy Procedure

Teeth whitening process takes minimal time, especially if you opt for a professional dentist. This process will restore your beautiful smile within an hour or so. A dentist will use the right teeth whitening product that'll help you attain your goals within a short span.

Long-Lasting Results

Teeth whitening involves the use of strong bleaching agents that eliminates contaminants from your teeth. In order to increase the durability or longevity of the results, you should consider simple oral hygiene techniques, such as brushing and flossing regularly. Attaining long term results is important because it helps you obtain a permanent and beautiful smile.

Who Needs Teeth Whitening?

Almost everybody is eligible for teeth whitening because it brightens your smile. Based on science, tobacco users, coffee and tea drinkers, and smokers will require teeth whitening to restore their smile. Your lifestyle and dietary habits determine your tooth color. Coffee drinkers and heavy smokers should consider discontinuing their habits in order to get perfect results. In addition, individuals with intrinsic stains will require more application of teeth whitening product. Note that grey is the most challenging color to eliminate from your teeth. This is the main reason why you should choose a competent dentist.

Habits that Can Stain Your Teeth

  • Drinking Coffee; Coffee contains dark pigments termed as chromogens that can cause stains, especially in the enamel. You should rinse your mouth after consuming tea, coffee, or other staining beverages.
  • Consuming Staining Foods; There are certain foods that can cause stains, such as beetroot and brightly colored berries
  • Inadequate Water Intake; Drinking more water is important in eliminating staining substances in your teeth. In addition, consuming more water enhances your health as a result of good hydration.
  • Smoking; Heavy smoking contributes to teeth stains. In addition, smoking can cause other oral health issues, such as oral cancer and tooth decay.

Final Thoughts

Teeth whitening is an essential process that’ll help you improve your confidence and restore your dazzling smile. Note that your teeth become yellowish as you grow older. There are components you should consider when choosing the best dentist, such as professionalism, experience, reputation, and quality of work.