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What Is A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental problem that requires immediate attention such as bleeding in the tooth, severe pain, a tooth knock-out.

Who Can Encounter a Dental Emergency?

Almost anyone can encounter a dental emergency. A Dental emergency can happen due to a variety of reasons. It may happen because of an injury, an accident, a bad bacterial growth, a dental crown moving out of its place. Dental emergencies may be more prevalent in people with existing oral health issues.

The benefits of acting fast during dental emergencies

Emergencies are not something to be overlooked. A dental emergency also requires adequate medical attention. Reaching out to a dentist fast can help people save their teeth from bad damage. It can also help in ruling out other serious complications. The big advantage-You will always have a beautiful smile!

Some Additional Information- An insight into a few dental emergencies

A loose or knocked-out tooth

If you have a knocked-out tooth then it is something that needs immediate attention. There is a good chance of saving the tooth if you reach the dentist’s office on time. Carry your tooth in a compact container with milk or water and some salt added to it. Approach the emergency department of the dentist’s office if you’re determined to extricate your tooth. If your dentist is unable to reattach the tooth under any circumstances, you may have to go for a dental implant procedure.

In case of a loose tooth, it is imperative to try and keep the tooth in the socket. This may prevent it from falling out. This can be achieved by biting down the teeth gently to keep them in place. Your dentist will fix it through a crowning or rinsing procedure.

Enduring Tooth Pain

Enduring tooth pain is something that warrants your attention. If the pain persists and is constant without going out, it is essential to meet the dentist right away. The dentist will identify the cause of your pain. It can be a bacterial infection or an abscess. Some dentists may recommend a root canal as an emergency plan or a tooth extraction. If the tooth pain is not treated on time, there is a big chance of the bacteria infecting the blood streaming leading to various complications.

Cracks or Chips on the Tooth

Cracking or chipping of the teeth is likely if you bite down a hard object. This can also happen while you use your teeth for other chores instead of chewing or biting. An accident is a third cause of chipping or cracking. These broken or cracked teeth can sometimes reach the roots of the teeth and can cause intolerable pain. If you find your tooth cracked or chipped, visit the dentist immediately to decide the immediate course of action and alleviate pain.

Falling Out of the Dental Crown

If the natural teeth below the dental crown become seriously decayed, there are chances that the crown on top of it could fall off. The decay on the tooth may change the shape and texture of it and cause the crown to slip off. If the dental crown falls off, make an appointment as soon as possible. Keep your dental crown safe in a container so that your dentist can still use it. In case you missed it, your dentist may ask you to get a dental crown.

Final Thoughts

In general, a toothache, chipped tooth, slipped dental crown, dental restorations are all categorized as dental emergencies.

If any of this happens to you or your loved ones be sure to visit a dentist at the earliest possible time. Most of the dentists have a time allotted for emergency patients in their daily schedule. Dental emergencies mostly warrant immediate care and can be fixed with minor procedures. Some rare cases may, however, demand a surgical procedure or trauma care. Note: The above information should be seen only as a guideline and not as a course of treatment or self-diagnosis.