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What is full mouth reconstruction (smile makeover)?

Full mouth reconstruction is a kind of dental treatment procedure that focuses on rebuilding or reconstructing all the teeth and the oral health of a patient. It’s like giving the patient a brand-new set of improved teeth and sometimes muscles. It does not only aid your problem of not being able to smile comfortably and naturally, but it also helps you improve the functioning of your mouth.

Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction

As mentioned, full mouth reconstruction is not purely aesthetic treatment but also for the betterment of the functioning of the mouth. If you are someone who might have lost most of your teeth, or if you have broken and decaying teeth and unhealthy gums-then, you need this kind of treatment.

There are also other reasons why someone would need to undergo this dental treatment, such as:


Oral Disease

People with gingivitis and other dental diseases involving gums and areas of the mouth are the ones who need to acquire FMR. Depending on the unique cases of every patient, the dentist will initiate the treatment plan for them.

Teeth Erosion

Full mouth reconstruction is also suitable for people who suffered from teeth erosion or when their teeth have worn down. Teeth erosion usually happens when your teeth are exposed to too much acid.


FMR is the solution for those who experienced trauma or damage to their mouth area due to an accident.

Jaw Pain

Usually, people may experience pain in their jaw area because of their misaligned teeth; if that's the case, full mouth reconstruction is one way to get away from the pain.

Benefits of full mouth reconstruction

Improved Mouth Features
Undergoing FMR will restore and improve the natural-looking features of the patient’s mouth.

Enhanced Dental Health
Since the FMR also fixes damages and resolves dental problems, it will result in a healthier mouth.

Resolve Dental Issues
FMR can resolve severe dental issues that could harm the patient’s health if not treated. Since FMR is not only to fix the teeth, other dental issues can be resolved as well.

More Benefits to the Overall Health

Full mouth reconstruction can lead to a better life as it usually solves various pain problems such as jaw pain and other diseases.

Increased Confidence

After getting this treatment, the patients will surely gain their confidence, and smiling would be the easiest thing that they would do. They will be able to show off their beautiful smile without getting embarrassed.

What Are the Steps Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is not a specific treatment that only requires a single process. When we talk about FMR, it can sometimes be a series of dental procedures that will depend on every patient’s case. Here are some of the steps that the patient might undergo:

Dental Implants

This is the process of restoring or replacing worn-down teeth. Dentists usually put dental caps to support the teeth that can still be restored, while dental bridges or artificial teeth replace the teeth completely.

Gum Surgery and Gum Grafting

Usually, gum surgeries are for those who have infected gums. This procedure involves removing the infected gums. On the other hand, gum grafting is replacing the missing gums or the removed gums with healthy gums.


Another procedure that might be a part of the full mouth reconstruction treatment plan is Invisalign, or the process that involves the installation of a clear aligner to fix the misaligned teeth.

Final Thoughts

Full mouth reconstruction can make your smile better, but there are certain risks if it’s not appropriately performed. That’s why choosing the right and trusted dentists are essential if you want to undergo this kind of dental treatment.