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What are dental X-rays?

When you complain of a tooth problem, the first thing your dentist will do is conduct a visual examination of your mouth to find out the cause of the problem. However, visual inspection is not always enough to get a complete status of your dental health. This is where dental X-rays add value. It’s a procedure that allows your dentist to pinpoint possible diseases or decay that are not usually seen by the naked eye.

This procedure is also known as a radiograph, and it works by allowing your dentist to check and see what happens inside and between your teeth. They are also important because they help your dentist a clear and complete picture of your teeth. They also offer reliable insights into your teeth’ overall condition, facial bone structure, jaw replacement, and roots. Through these x-rays, dental issues are discovered and treated even before they advance and get too serious.

Through Dental X-Rays, the Following Can be Shown:


Minor and significant in-between teeth decays


Decays under the tooth fillings


Tumors and other types of cysts


Bone loss due to periodontal disease


Tooth position to know the right dentures, braces, and tooth implant required



Who are Dental X-Rays for?

Dental X-rays are for everyone. We need to visit our dentists to keep our mouths and teeth in good condition. To identify underlying issues that are not seen by a visual dental examination, an x-ray is in order. And since tooth problems don’t discriminate, getting a dental x-ray when necessary is also for everyone. To know when you need to go through this procedure and when you need it done, talk to your dentist today. As they would put it, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What are the Benefits of Dental X-Rays?

Even if high-end and sophisticated dental procedures are accessible to patients needing emergency teeth procedures, dental implants, and root canals, they need to undergo a dental x-ray to give their dentists to get a clear picture of their oral health.

Through these x-rays, your dentist knows what exactly is going on with your jaw, gums, and teeth to identify the underlying issues not apparent with the naked eye. These x-rays can also show possible problems that might emerge along the way. With the dental x-ray in hand, your dentist can interpret the result to optimize and customize the treatment you need.

A better and newer option

A dental x-ray is part of the state-of-the-art care offered in dental clinics. Traditional x-ray techniques use films to show mouth images, but the digital types capture these images through an electronic sensor that is storable electronically. These x-rays are easy to manipulate and access by your dentist and hygienist. Because of such ease, they can better conduct a more extensive dental evaluation. In the end, they can proactively troubleshoot current and developing tooth issues after identifying them.

Strategize better treatment

If your dental team identifies the issues inside your mouth, they can strategize more efficiently for your future treatment. Through this, you can significantly save money, time, and discomfort. These x-rays are diagnostic and preventive tools that can help both dentists and their patients.

Dental x-rays can uncover a plethora of dental issues

A dental x-ray can uncover various dental problems. It can reveal potentially severe and painful problems like a tumor, an abscess, or decay in those hard-to-see areas of your mouth. It could even explore the areas inside your tooth, underneath your gum line, and below the tooth fillings.

Aside from these, it can also show your dentists some structural issues to see if your no-yet-erupted tooth is coming through, wisdom tooth needs to be taken out, and if you’re suffering from a jaw bone loss.

Gives you a morale boost

When you have a complete and clean set of teeth, you are more confident. Facing and talking to people won’t be a problem. This is an added benefit of investing in dental Xrays. This is also why you need to meet with your dentist regularly. They can advise when you need your x-ray done. If you undergo timely a timely dental x-ray, you can avoid different tooth issues and save yourself from suffering when your teeth ache.